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Rosin Power is committed to providing the largest selection of machinery and supplies at the most affordable prices. Our company aims to fulfill the needs of professional and casual users alike, and our goal is to make sure you can find everything you need for all your material processing projects in one place. From solventless extraction with rosin presses, pressurized extraction with CO2, to more sophisticated processes utilizing hydrocarbon solvents like butane and ethanol, we have sourced the highest quality equipment for each stage of the process. What do we carry? Rosin Power is a leading supplier of BHO extraction systems, rosin heat presses, vacuum chambers, distillation equipment, rotary evaporators, drying ovens, freeze dryers, lab equipment, rosin filters and bags, pumps, herb grinders, pollen sifters, tumblers, and hundreds of other items! All of our merchandise is from reputable manufacturers whose quality you know and trust. We carry brands like Best Value Vacs, Bhogart, Boveda, Dank Fung Extracts, Easy Butter, Harvest Right, Lab Society, Levo, Oil Slick, Pollen Masters, Pollinator, Rosin Tech, Sharpstone, SHO Industries, Skilletools, Thermo Fisher, Tom’s Tumbler, Xtractor Depot Shop with us and experience the new standard in quality, price, and customer service! 

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