Bhogart BFO Pilot Closed Loop Extraction System

Bhogart BFO Pilot Closed Loop Extraction System

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Price $40,999.00

BFO Pilot Extraction system™

Pressurized Fluid Extraction(PFE) is a technique which has gained widespread acceptance in the chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, and petroleum industries as well as the specialty chemicals industry. The BFO Pilot Extraction System utilizes liquified solvent and  modular components for medium scale production on a continuous basis.

Here at BHOGART® we completely redesigned our technology from the ground up, considering modularity, efficiency, and advanced solvent recovery techniques. Through many years of research and product testing we invented an entirely new class of extractor.

The new Continuous Extractors™ are designed to run without ever stopping. Older "batch-style" extractors need to be disassembled, cleaned and repacked before you can run them again. Continuous Extractors save time and money by running and recovering multiple extractions in parallel.

BFO Pilot extraction system is a complete Pressurized fluid extractor designed for use with butane and propane. The system comes complete with everything you need to Get to work™ excluding solvent, hot and cold water. The small startup cost and floor space occupied by the unit helps make the BFO, in single or multiple installations, a most attractive system. The modular components give the system versatility by allowing any method of PFE to be used. The BFO Is designed to do simultaneous washes of the plant material stripping it of its essential oils like a pressure washer. This method works extremely effectively in providing the highest quality yield possible as the solvent does not stay in contact with the material for too long. The BFO, like any BHOGART® System, can also be configured to do Soak Extractions allowing you to control dwell time as a process variable increasing the maximum possible yield. Each material column is Modular allowing for removal during extraction processes enabling the system to be refilled while its operating. The BFO comes with 8 Material tubes for maximum production speed ensuing there is always tubes ready to be extracted from.  The gatling gun operation allows for the highest throughput of any stock BHOgart system to date.

Each BFO Pilot extraction system comes with a 30 gallon ASME certified recovery tank capable of holding 152lbs of butane safely. This oversized Recovery tank enables you to run extractions all day and spend less time waiting for enough solvent to recover. Depending on your pump of choice the BFO comes with a 20lb Heat exchanger allowing blazing fast recovery rates WITHOUT the need for expensive cryo chillers. Solvent Recovery is a well understood science, and rather than trying to reinvent the wheel like our competition we take a more scientific approach. We hired real experts with 20 years of experience to design our recovery system making it more efficient than any of our competition.  Take advantage of the VaporRecycler™  speed up your process, and never chill a recovery tank again! Recovery tanks are hard to heat and cool because they have limited surface area to conduct heat. Instead heating/chilling the tank we take advantage of a specially designed heat exchanger liquify and cool your solvent of choice. A additional heat exchanger can be added to the system in order to control your extraction temprature. This enables you to fine tune your extraction process between -40 and +100 degrees fahrenheit. Since the system is fully modular it’s possible to upgrade the system allowing solvents as cold as -100 and temperatures as high as 140 fahrenheit. The Possibilities are endless with this industrial scale Pilot extraction plant.

The major advantages to be expected from the BFO Pilot Extraction system are:


  • High product throughput of 8-12lbs of material an hour.

  • Fully Closed loop Advanced Recovery system for rapid recovery.

  • recovers 97% of all working solvent for Reuse lowering operating costs.

  • Fully modular components allow for easy upgradability and longterm viability.

  • Well engineered evaporation chamber for faster recovery.

  • ASME certified Recovery tank to meet local compliance.

  • Two additional honeypots™ for Extract removal during operation.

  • continuous operation maximises time usage ensuring employees always have something to do.

  • Minimized thermal hazard (a necessity for heat sensitive compounds like terpenes)


All BHOGART® extraction Equipment is made from the highest quality Stainless steel 304 and electropolished 3A to medical standards. We offer Best in Class customer service over the phone and at our 4 retail locations. Let us train you how to run an extraction system and how to Generate good Standard Operating Procedures at one of our Extraction demos.

The BFO pilot Extraction system is built for entrepreneurs who wish to maximize efficiency and start producing at an industrial level.
Financing available to qualified Buisnesses Check out or Financing portal here

From the date of delivery, customers have 15 business days to open and inspect all crates and boxes. Any missing pieces must be reported within this time period, else replacements will not be provided free of charge. If any parts are found to be missing, please contact us immediately.

Recovery Pumps and Vacuum Pump sold separately. Unit does not come with extra honeypots.
All BHOGART® Non certified Systems are for Butane Use only. Do not Use BHOgart systems for solvents not on the Approved Solvent list with the appropriate gaskets. All BHOgart Certified Extraction systems are designed to run Butane and propane. Make sure to consult a state licensed engineer to certify you extraction Lab.

Weight 220 lbs

A Heat exchanger is used to liquify your gas during Recovery. It is an integral part of the system and allows it to run efficiently.
Heat exchangers can also be used to set your liquid solvent temprature during extraction. Use it to do extractions at 80 degrees use it to do cold extractions at -40 degrees!

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Bhogart BFO Pilot Closed Loop Extraction System
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